4 Calamitous Impacts of Flooding

flooded home

Global warming is increasingly wreaking havoc on the entire globe. Abnormally potent typhoons and cyclones experienced in places once spared from them had resulted in unforeseen flooding incidents.

Take for instance Hurricane Katrina, which proved to be a major challenge to providers of flood control management systems here in New Orleans. If you are a stakeholder in flood control programs in your community, it pays that you reinforce existing systems so that they could best adapt to current conditions.

Or else, your entire community may unnecessarily suffer these flooding impacts.

Loss or damage to property

Cost estimate on property damage caused by the recent Hurricane Harvey is at $40 billion. This staggering amount only covers the value of damaged houses. It does not include cars and other valuable properties.

The most disheartening part of this scenario is this: only 70% of these damages have insurance coverage.

Compromised crops

Most crops planted and harvested in North America are not tolerant of flooding. This is due to how it increases disease infections and depletes oxygen in the soil. After 24 hours of major flooding, research showed that oxygen in the soil reaches zero level, which is detrimental to plant functions.

Loss of livestock

Moderate flooding can displace livestock, especially if they are left without supervision during a hurricane. Meanwhile, heavy flooding puts these animals at risk of drowning.

This said, an adequate rescue system should be in place, or in cases of dead carcasses post-hurricane, appropriate livestock disposal systems should be followed.

Public health concerns

An array of health risks burst forth after major floods. For one, there’s the risk of drinking water contamination. Also, due to the wet environment, neighborhoods can become breeding grounds for harmful infestations such as mosquitoes and rodents.

In these times, it is important that we remain prepared for the advent of huge storms that cause heavy flooding. Since nature’s whims are beyond our control, the best that we can do is come up with flood control management systems to counter its understandable wrath.