3 Signs Your Water Heater is Due for Replacement

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters have an average lifespan of 10 years. Even when you are a meticulous homeowner carrying out scheduled annual maintenance and timely water heater repair in Lehi, a replacement will be necessary at some point. Tear and wear or strain may necessitate it. Here are signs that indicate it is time to get another water heater.

Water not heating to sufficient levels

Nothing is as offsetting as turning on the shower and getting hit by cold water. While this is the most obvious sign that you need a replacement, it does not happen abruptly. There will mostly be other signs preceding its failure. Inability to heat water could result from a broken heating element, maladjustment on the thermostat or where the water heater is too small to serve people in your house. While your plumber can rectify the first two, the last one requires an overhaul of the system so it can meet the demands of your household.

Rusty water

Corrosion takes hold of steel surfaces and slowly spreads to other spots. When the rust is coming from the water heater, it serves as a warning that the tank could develop leaks soon. To prevent the problem from escalating, it is crucial to replace the water heater once you establish it is wasting away as seen in water becoming intensely rusty.


A leaking water heater can unleash some of the most demanding maintenance issues. You risk getting your things destroyed, ruined carpeting and mold growing from the areas where leaked water is absorbed. A leaking water heater, therefore, requires immediate replacement if the problem has to do with the tank and not replaceable components of the system.

Generally, it is recommended that you replace your water heater after a decade even when it does not show any symptoms of aging. However, if you notice rusting, leaks, noise, and an inability to heat the water before this time is over, have it replaced.