3 Signs that Indicate the Gas Heating Unit is Becoming Faulty

Central Heating SystemMaintaining your central heating unit efficient and effective is not an option or luxurious thing. So if the heating unit cannot keep your house warm especially during the winter, your family members may not enjoy their stay there. Furnace is one of the components you should maintain in good condition for warm air to circulate effectively in your house. However, you may not realise this if you don’t know the problems that gas heating units develop and how to avoid them.

Tim Miller Plumbing explains some of the common issues your central heating system can have:

Partial Heat Loss

If you realise that the house is getting warm but the heating unit is not fully efficient, then there are a few issues to handle. It happens that the unit is keeping the house warm but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Most competent plumbers who deal with heating and cooling units associate such a problem with blockages and leaks. This problem could also indicate the radiators need to be worked on to help them release trapped air.

Defective Thermostat

House temperatures with wild extremes indicate the heating unit is not in good condition. If you experience intermittent freezing and hot temperatures, the thermostat of your HVAC unit may be defective. Heating units with malfunctioned thermostat run when they should not, fail to operate when they should and their furnaces read the actual temperature wrongly. If you recalibrate the thermostat and it doesn’t regain efficiency, consider using programmable thermostat to replace the defective one.

Complete Heat Loss

If the heating system doesn’t respond in any way even after turning on the furnace, you should call in a competent technician to isolate the problem. Although most of the problems that lead to complete heat loss are associated with electrical power, it’s not good to assume so. The gas supply could also be a culprit especially if the pilot lighting can’t ignite.

Although most people know how to maintain the heating units functional, only a few can tell when most of the technical problems are developing. Knowing the problems that the gas central heating systems develop ensures you put preventive measures in place in good time.