3 Safety Hazards in a Preschool That You Must Watch Out For

preschool setting
Are you planning to build a preschool in your community? While your intention is admirable, building a preschool comes with a lot of responsibilities. Apart from providing children with learning opportunities, you must also ensure the safety of the kids while they’re in the facility. For starters, here are the safety hazards you must watch out for:

1. Entrances and Exits

Toddlers love running around — and it’s impossible to watch their every move. So, it is essential that the entrances and exits of your preschool are secure and hazard-free. Installing aluminum fences are a great way to secure the outdoor area, while clearly lighted and uncluttered hallways decrease the risks of accidents inside the facility.

2. Floors

Young children can spot anything on the floor, and whatever it is, it’ll probably go into their mouth as soon as you turn your back on them! That’s why it is important that the floors, as well as the floor coverings, are clean and free of debris which may be picked up and swallowed by the kids. Also, the use of carpets or padded floors is ideal for preschool classrooms to prevent accidents involving loose nails, splinters, and sharp floor corners.

3. Walls

Though kids can’t reach the decorations fastened to the walls, these adornments can still be a source of hazard. Make sure that bulletin boards, pictures, and other wall adornments are securely fastened with screws, as staples and thumbtacks are not ideal for child care. They should be placed in lightweight plastic frames, as well. So, if an earthquake or other disasters happen, falling picture frames or wall boards will not be harmful to the children.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are other parts of a preschool that are hazard risks. But by focusing first on entrances, floors, and walls, you’re off to a good start in building a safe facility for the children.