3 Reasons Your Printing Company Needs an In-House Design Team

Do you intend to start a small printing business? Don’t limit what you can do. Rather, look for ways on how to offer clients more products and services. One of them is having designers on board. If you’ve grabbed one of the many printing franchise opportunities in your area, there are effective ways to improve the way you work apart from investing in new machines and process.

Here are some of the reasons you need to hire in-house designers and why they matter:

Value for Money: One-Stop-Shop

There’s a big chance that many small to medium-size businesses, especially startups, don’t have an in-house design team. Unless, of course, they’re an advertising company, then they probably have many in-house designers. Make it a point to offer more than just printing materials the moment your clients inquire. You can offer design services, corporate branding, and even event management to increase your client’s value for money. Make your printing store a one-stop-shop!

Quick, Turn-Around Time

There are times when clients come in and they want to print some brochures. Chances are, if the materials are not professionally made, you need to make some revisions. If you have in-house designers onboard, the turn-around time is quicker. If you don’t, clients have no choice but look for someone else to fix (and print) their material. In the course of that time, they could find themselves a new printer instead.

Build Long-Term Business Relationship

When you have a printing business, the goal is to generate more projects by building long-term relationships. And you can only do that if you continuously find ways to innovate, such as offering new products and services. It could also be on-the-spot design services for small and medium business who don’t have an idea how to create and design brochures.

The simplest way to improve your franchise would be hiring in-house designers, so you don’t have to let customers walk out because of not being able to meet their needs.