3 Qualities Building Materials Should Possess

Building Materials

Building MaterialsOne of the first steps in planning to build your home or buying materials for a construction project is to identify the things you need. The price is not the only thing to consider in choosing construction materials. Whether you’re buying steel, wood, or any other materials, remember that they should have certain qualities.


Measuring a material’s strength is very important as it gives you a good idea of its limitations. When you buy different kinds of steel, for example, the kind you buy should have the strength to bear all the loads that you’ll attach to it. Otherwise, the structure would collapse after a while. The rating of building materials depends on their compressive strength or tensile strength, or both.


Building materials should last for a long period of time. This means they must be resistant to damage. This doesn’t just apply to their durability, but also to their appearance. Many building materials tend to look faded after years of exposure to the elements, particularly to the sun’s harmful rays.


Building materials should resist wear and tear. While every part of the building is subject to wear and tear, certain areas like the flooring should be more resilient. To measure a material’s resistance to wear and tear, you may perform a standardized test. One such test is the Taber Test, which involves rotating a metal disc of uniform design and weight against the material to be tested.

The disc rotates at a standard speed for a specific length of time. Those conducting the test will record the material’s weight before and after the test. The weight difference indicates the results of the test: more material lost means less ability to resist wear and tear or abrasion.

Quality is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a building material. Not considering this would compromise the structure and the lives of those around it.

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