3 Local SEO Tools Effective in Boosting a Site’s ranking

SEO concept seen on a computer screen

The adage goes that the prophet is not respected in their own home. It applies true for many businesses; they do well in other areas except where in their own locality. Local SEO exists to help you overcome this problem. It exists to increase traffic to your website that connects you with prospects within your area.

Successfully done local SEO in Utah will help you to stand out amid your competitors. It allows your business to be visible in local business directories. Local SEO is, however, a tough nut to crack unless you are a professional.

It is best to find someone who knows SEO like the back of their hand to handle it on your behalf. A good SEO company will not only utilize popular strategies such as quality content to boost your site’s ranking but will also employ modern local SEO tools that can do the job even better. Such tools include:

Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

Google’s keyword planner helps the professional to watch the keywords your neighbors are using. They record activity and use the data to identify the actions that each watchword is driving. This way, they glean into your neighborhood’s needs.

The keyword planner will allow the professional to determine geographic areas and be able to target them individually.


SEOProfiler is popular for its highlights. It is a site review tool that also recommends page advancements. It establishes links between keywords and recognizes catchphrases within your locality.

As if that is not enough, SEOProfiler allows one download for an adaptable and readable PDF report that the experts can translate and use to improve your ranking.

Moz local

With Moz local, the user can oversee what your neighbors are posting. Moz local works with other organizations that gather data to push your posts and ensure that you are at the forefront of everyone’s eyes. Moreover, Moz local is like an alarm. It helps the pro avoid mistakes that could hurt your SEO.

Make sure that the SEO Company you hire has an understanding of who your ideal customer is. This way, they will not just target anyone. Inquire to find out whether they do competitor analysis because it often goes hand in hand with local SEO.