3 Important Areas to Improve for That Grand Family Reunion

Family GatheringIf your house is going to be the venue of that annual family gathering or reunion, you need to make sure that every nook and cranny in your house will be ready for your guests.

It is that time of the year again when families living in different parts of the country make it a point to gather and reminisce about the old days. Lots of friendly bantering and teasing happen during this time, particularly among siblings and cousins. Since such gatherings can be held at any family member’s house, maybe your own, then it is only proper that you prepare for this eventuality. Obviously, making improvements on various areas of the house is a must. Here are three areas that you need to consider.

Backyard Cleanup

Get rid of the clutter in your backyard. This is the one place where you usually see old tires, worn-out bicycles, rusty cans, and many more. Do not wait until a few days before the family gathering. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a rut. Check for broken glasses that may lie in the periphery. You would not want children of your family running around and getting hurt in the process. When you are done removing the clutter, deal with those overgrown weeds with a brushcutter. According to Mother Earth News, a brush cutter is the best option when trimming overgrown grass. Just do not forget to wear Wellington boots when cutting the thick grass, otherwise, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Yikes!

Living Room Makeover

This is where people usually converge for chitchat, especially after meals. It is also where lots of photo ops are done. So make sure your living room is up to the challenge. You would not want to be the butt of jokes because of how your living room looks like, would you? If you have wooden floors, try removing the old varnish with an electric floor sander.

Sanding the Floors

Much of your floorboard’s surface can be removed by really coarse papers, leaving you with a rough surface. This is why you must be sure you are using the right sanding pads for the job, says Intex Group. After sanding your floor bare, give it a nice new look by applying a coat of wood stain and sealing it with a glossy varnish afterwards.

Toilet Restoration

Do not let the dirt and grime in your toilet scare the wits out of your visitors. You can easily get rid of them with any commercial or homemade cleansers. For those hard to remove stains, particularly between the tiles, try scrubbing them first then running a thin line of grout you can buy in any hardware store. You will not believe the beautiful transformation when you are done.

Playing host to large family gatherings is not confined only to preparing food or clearing out the cobwebs. Sometimes, you need to resort to strong measures like sanding the floor and applying a new coat of varnish because simple scrubbing will not remove the ugly stains. At least, when the family event is gone, among your rewards will be a cleaner and a more beautiful home.