3 Dangerous Career Change Myths That Should be Disregarded

Career change myths that you shouldn't believe

Sometime in your life as a working professional, you may come across various reasons to move on to another career. You may also experience doubts about your plans to transfer to a different field and that’s normal. However, for you to grow personally and proficiently, it’s helpful to let go of these myths that you have probably heard from others.

“You Can’t!”

Who says that you can’t do something that’s completely different from what you’ve been doing in the past few years? You may have always wanted to work with food manufacturing and you’re eyeing a possible job opening for food processing admin in Modesto, California, but you’re told you’re not experienced enough. Set that aside and remember that you won’t know if you can’t do it until you try. So go ahead and try!

“You’re Too Old!”

Truth is there are companies that aim to hire those with experience and knowledge over youthful amateurs. Aren’t the criteria a little absurd when you get to think about it? If you’re worried that you won’t get in another job because of your age, then try emphasizing your experience and skills more. Businesses have even been known to “steal” expert employees from other competitors, so it’s not so far-fetched that you can be hired elsewhere despite your age.

“You Need to Know What to Do First!”

Some people decide to change their careers, but are too caught up by their “need” to know where they’re going before they take a step forward. They become paralyzed as a result and fail to make the move. When this happens to you, just resist the urge to overthink and simply walk towards the general direction of your dreams. As long as you have a goal, you can utilize that as your personal career compass.

These myths and fallacies have been stopping professionals for years from realizing their dreams and potential. The fact is these shouldn’t put your career to a halt. You can overcome the doubts that they cause and make the move towards growth if you ignore them and keep moving forward.