January 2016

Top 5 Signs Your Business is in the Red

Having a startup is exciting. This is even if you expect that you’re going to be spending and losing more money in the first year than you actually make. But traditional business strategies still apply — including watching for the signs that you’re in trouble. If managing the day-to-day operations…

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Estate Planning: Why You Should Take it Seriously

Estate planning. Wills. Trusts. Most people shy away from conversations that involve these words. The most common replies are a.) I’m too young to be thinking about such things and b.) I’m not a rich person so I don’t need any of those. Those arguments would make sense if a.)…

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One Stop Auto Shops for Nissan Lovers

Nissan Lover

In the 1990s, Nissan was a big deal here in New Zealand. You may remember all the Nissan cars and trucks imported into the country if you had lived through the nineties. Today, it’s 2016. Almost two decades since the nineties. You may still have the Nissan car or truck…

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As a First-Time Mover, You May Need an Extra Set of Hands

First-Time Mover

Moving house can be a necessity or maybe, you’ve just outgrown your childhood home. Whatever your reason, it’s an exciting prospect of relocating to a new city or even a new state. But don’t jump out of the water and think you only need to drive off to your new…

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How to Tell If You Have Prostate Cancer

The development and progression of prostate cancer vary among men. Cancer of the prostate develops gradually and don’t cause problems for some, while it can develop and progress more rapidly in others and may lead to severe symptoms, sometimes, death. Because of this, early screening and detection are crucial. Screening…

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Essential Pointers For Selecting Your Teenager’s First Car

Admit it, it's not that easy letting your teenager take your car out for a spin or even letting them have the family car for the night. Eventually, you would have to buy them (or help them buy) a car for their own use. Before that day arrives, here are…

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Never Underestimate the Danger of Driving a Car in Disrepair

Automotive Repairs Company in Tauranga

Of all the causes of road accidents in Tauranga or in general, New Zealand, bad driving behaviour accounts for a majority of it, specifically impaired driving. Driving error comes next, followed by bad weather. One thing a lot of motorists fail to consider is that driving a mechanically-faulty vehicle can…

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Are You A Perfect Candidate For Dental Implants?

Dental Implants

If you’ve suffered from tooth loss due to an accident, poor oral hygiene or through an injury, you may want to consider dental implants. There are numerous benefits of undergoing a dental implant procedure and the good thing is that it’s one of the most effective, long-lasting solutions for missing…

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