July 2015

New Home, Old Lot: Home Extension and Renovation Ideas

New Home

Tony Abbott supports infrastructure improvements, pledging $1.2 billion for construction projects. If only you can have the same financial support for your home renovations, right? You can control the design to minimise costs, at least. Having the ability to design your home can ensure that it suits your budget and…

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Creating a Web Design Style Guide for Consistency

Web Design

Consistency is the secret to a successful design project, regardless of the medium used — traditional or digital. To ensure the said goal is carried out properly, there should be a defined set of rules regarding the usage of particular design elements. In the context of business, designers ought to…

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Too Much Stress Awakens the Insomniac in You


Stress — it’s our response to life’s demands. Stress bears numerous effects on a person’s emotional, physical, mental, and behavioral well-being. While the right amount of stress can bear positive effects for human alertness, too much of it leads to anxiety and tension, which result in sleeping problems — insomnia,…

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Are You at Risk?: What Everyone Should Know About Black Mold


Stachbotrys chartarum, also called Stachbotrys atra, is the scientific name for black molds with hints of dark green. It grows on specific materials that contain low levels of nitrogen and high cellulose content which includes gypsum board, fiberboard, paper, lint, and dust. How Does Mold Grow? Mold growth happens when…

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Stuck in a Workout Rut: Overcoming a Fitness Plateau


Almost all fitness enthusiasts will eventually find themselves stuck in the workout rut referred to by many as the ‘fitness plateau’. Funnily enough, it is quite a phenomenon that does not make sense, considering how you did all the right things — maintain a balanced diet, exercise properly and get…

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Your Definitive Guide to Coming Up with Good UX Design

Good UX Design

As web applications and methodologies become more advanced, users still go for what is simple and easy. Many still choose whatever will give them greater value and help solve their problems. These insights are the core principles of web design with a focus on user experience, more commonly known as…

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3 Skills a Mother Should Teach Her Son Before He Weds

Wedding Ring

No manual suffices to prepare a man for the challenges of marriage. So, a mother should take the initiative to help him overcome these challenges by teaching him some tricks to ascertain his future wife’s happiness. When he prioritizes her happiness, after all, he reduces the drama that comes with…

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Paper Wipers: Keeping Hands Dry and Workplaces Safe

Paper Towels

Did you know that wet hands increase transmission of bacteria by more than a hundredfold? Researchers say that microorganisms, especially bacteria, prefer moist areas. A wet environment supports the growth and proliferation of germs. A single bacterial cell can turn to millions within 24 hours. Wet hands also increase the…

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