June 2015

Feed Your Chooks Right: Food Requirements at Different Ages


New Zealand has a global reputation: it is known for its food quality and safety. It exports dairy products, beef, fruits, seafood, wine and even poultry. Farm owners provide fresh produce ready for local and international consumption.To ensure your chooks reach their optimum weight and size, pay attention to the…

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Attorney, Meet Your New PR Officer, Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites have come a long way from being an online interaction instrument to becoming a marketing tool. With the promotion of social media as a business strategy, should it also take care of your law firm’s public relations? The Bond Between Social Media and Marketers Many businesses have…

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Home Care: 24-Hour Assistance for Your Loved Ones

24-Hour Home Care

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision, particularly when it involves the life of your loved ones. Taking care of an elderly who is ill is not an easy task, especially when you want the best care for them. Age-related issues such as dementia, memory loss, loss of speech…

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Let’s Get This Straight: Is a Bonded Wire Retainer Ideal for You?

Wire retainer

Dreaming of having straight teeth and a sexy smile? Bear in mind that this will require multiple visits to the dentist and big financial commitment. It takes courage and willingness to do the necessary upkeep. Getting your teeth straight with traditional metal or wire braces is only half the battle….

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Home Sweet (Container) Home: Tips to Enjoying Your House

Container Homes

There are many good reasons container homes are growing in popularity. Particularly in places like Perth, Australia, sustainable designs are a welcome change. Container homes are easy to build and customise, which is why young families choose them over other residential options. Living in container homes is not without challenges,…

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