April 2015

Your Sedentary Lifestyle Will Kill You Early


According to research, prolonged periods of immobility are likely precursors to deep vein thrombosis. Sitting or lying still for more than four hours a day have been found to lead to the possible development of a blood clot deep in your body and can result to fatal blockages of blood…

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Kitchen Essentials: What Do Celebrity Chefs Keep in Their Kitchen?


With the rising popularity of kitchen shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef and many other chef battle series, more and more culinary experts are becoming celebrities. These popular chefs share their tips on creating culinary masterpieces, while giving us a glimpse into the magic that happens in their kitchens. Celebrity…

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Bathroom Remodelling Hacks: Three Things to Accomplish


Proper preparations for a bathroom remodelling project will give you peace of mind, as you are likely to encounter less stress. Nonetheless, preparation requires more than just coming up with a design, conceptualising a theme and turning your ideas into a blueprint. As The Renovation Company explains, there are several…

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Can Google Stand on Its Own without Firefox & Safari?

internet browser

Despite having its own browser (Chrome), Google has long been the default search engine for other major platforms, such as Firefox and Safari. That’s no longer the case, though. The search giant already lost the former to Yahoo!—which, by the way, has an alliance with Bing—and at the brink of…

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Say it with Flowers: The Right Flowers for a Funeral

Funeral flowers

Words cannot express appropriately just how bad it is to lose someone. With all your resources, you have to do your best to embody the message you just want to convey. Condolences? Sympathy? What do you really want to say? Here’s what the different kinds of flowers you give may…

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DIY Event Coordination: How to Get Started

Event Planning

Planning an event to introduce a new product line? Need to coordinate your next family gathering? Whatever the event, there is no excuse to be less prepared for it. The last thing you would want is to disappoint those who requested you to plan the affair. Here are a few…

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3 Easy Steps to Find Trustworthy Caregivers

Older Parents

Your parents are getting older, and as the years go on, they may gradually start struggling with the daily challenges of life. Unfortunately, you can’t be around to help them all the time, since you have your own responsibilities and commitments to take care of. Hiring a private caregiver is…

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3 Ways Towards Bridal Hair Perfection


Your wedding day should be the one day in your life where you have perfect hair. You can make sure this is the case by taking care of it well. Fortunately, you don’t have to deviate too much from your standard hair care routine. Here are some tips to make…

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Seeing Through Your Pane

Window Pane

Remember that when a door closes, a window will always open. If the window that opened was rusty and weak, however, would you still take the chance of finding out what’s in store for you? Sometimes windows just have to be replaced due to irreversible damage. The good news is…

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