March 2015

How Clean is Your Air?

air duct celaning

Your house may be spotless, but you still notice you or your family members are falling ill or showing signs of allergies. It could be the air. You need to make sure that the air inside your home is clean and safe. Here are some tips to purify your air…

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Gender Bias in Child Custody: Fiction or Fact?

Gender Bias

Looking at the statistics, it’s clear that mothers are more likely to get primary residential custody than fathers in custody decisions. A 2011 statistics revealed that mothers get custody 68-88% of the time, while fathers only get an 8-14% chance. Some say this is due to the so-called gender bias…

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Know Why Missing Even a Single Tooth May Cost Too Much


Losing one of your teeth could mean losing that confident, beautiful smile. While your smile is usually the first victim of your missing tooth, an incomplete set of teeth could also cause a myriad of health complications. Here are some of them. Body Image Issues The number one, most evident…

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Making your People Last: Ways to Retain Employees

Keep Your Employees

Losing your talents may cause your company’s performance to plummet. As such, you need to take care of your employees so that they will not leave the company. If you are an employer with troubles in keeping subordinates, do not fret. You can control it if you find ways to…

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The Summer Home You Would Want

Summer House

Summer time is one of the best opportunities for family members to enjoy each other’s company. Despite a bigger environment, living in the suburbs can still be intoxicating especially if everything becomes mechanical. Because of this, many people really look forward to travelling during this part of the year. While…

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How Businesses Should Start Saving from the Start

Office Furniture

It doesn’t take much to decorate a new office; just buy everything brand new and that should help the managers attract talent and clients in no time. Similar to any investment, the cost of office equipment is a gamble, the returns of which can only be felt further down the…

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Moving House: Can You Do It Alone?

Move House Alone

The stress that comes with moving house is nothing new for most people. We have all come to accept as fact that the process of packing all things into boxes and transferring all of them to a new location is just exhausting. But in the end, it’s something you have…

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Can Books Really Save Lives? Some Books CAN!

Safety Book

Working outside can be quite risky —some more than others. Carelessness is often the cause of accidents, as some people are just not aware. There are certain tools such as Take 5 safety books that could help drill safety protocol onto the minds of employees, and ensure the safety of…

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