August 2014

4 Dental Practice Mistakes to Avoid

There is never any room for mistakes in a dental practice. It is important to be on top of all aspects of operations to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Budding practitioners, however, may find it overwhelming, considering how dental school normally doesn’t cover the business aspects of a…

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Green Heaven: Finding the Perfect Garden Design


Garden designers make it a point to design landscapes that reflect a homeowner’s sense of style and sensibility, and one that maximises the available space outside a home. They believe that gardens are no longer just simple patches of land used to plant fruits, flowers, and vegetables in. It’s also…

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How To Reinforce Your Brand Through Social Media

social media icons

A survey shows that almost 50% of online users consider social media when making a decision; more than 70% of consumers count on peers, families and friends for brand referrals. Combine these two, and you have reinforced social media strategies. As the previous years have shown how social media influence…

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New Towns VS Single House Development

house contractors

The government has recently formulated laws and policies for new house developments in Perth. These came with a view to encourage real estate development as foreign investments, as well. Oftentimes, people confuse new house developments with single house development, but respected contractors Vision One Projects explained that there exists a…

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Party Prep: Organizing a Baby Shower

party balloons

Baby shower invitations are among the initial steps in preparing for this special occasion. In fact, a well-designed invitation card can serve as a memorabilia, which guests can keep for a long time. As it’s such an important part of the event, you need to keep in mind the following…

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Rhinoplasty: Reshaping the Nose Through Cosmetic Surgery

consmetic surgery

Cosmetic and corrective surgery has come a long way. With modern advancements in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic procedures continually yield better, more beautiful results. Among all aspects of the face, the nose, being an important facial feature, is one of the most commonly enhanced parts. Nose plastic surgery, referred to as…

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