April 2014

Physiotherapy Equipment: Tools of the Trade

inside a physiotherapy clinic

Physio and physical therapists help people with health issues regain mobility. Some pieces of equipment are used to increase their range of motion and execute different exercises based on their health conditions. Most Townsville exercise physio clinics have equipment such as mini trampolines, medicine balls, isokinetic machines, traction devices, and…

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For Guys: How to Nail that Very South Korean Getup

fashionable man

Next to Italians and French men, perhaps the sharpest guys on the planet in terms of style would be the South Koreans (No, we’re not strictly speaking of the K-Pop look). South Korean men have no qualms about dressing up; they don’t just dress up for dates or an important…

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Making Your Perfume Last Longer

perfume shops

The key to making your perfume last longer depends on how you apply it. The application affects the way a fragrance smells and projects in the environment. Here are a few ways to make your perfume scent last longer: Apply to Pulse Points Pulse points are where you can feel…

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Highlighting the “O” in SEO

internet marketing

Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving. Regular algorithmic changes with Google and other search engines can mean that your efforts today can be useless tomorrow. That does not mean you should stop though, because SEO is here to stay. Professional SEO service providers can help businesses update their strategies and…

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