February 2014

The Wonders of Porcelain Flooring

duraceramic flooring

When looking for a versatile, durable but easy-to-maintain flooring material, consider using porcelain. Porcelain is a ceramic material that has been dry pressed into molds under high pressure and fired at an extremely high temperature. A highly dense and strong material, it comes glazed and unglazed in a range of…

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Creative Decorating Ideas for Fireplaces

couple relaxing by the room fireplace

Fireplaces are a staple in most American homes, especially those located in states that record the lowest temperatures during the cold winter months, like Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. But these structures don’t only make homes warm throughout the cold season. They also make them cozier and more stylish. Here…

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RSA Training: Refusing to Provide Alcohol the Right Way

undergoing RSA training

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and the responsible consumption of alcohol are key pillars in developing a healthier drinking culture amongst Australians. This is why RSA training is mandatory for all staff working in licensed premises. One of the most important parts of working behind such establishments where alcohol is…

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The Comfort Priority: Ergonomics in the Office


When you’re consulting trusted fit-out companies in Perth and other parts of the country, you shouldn’t just care about getting a Dell or an HP computer for your employees, you should also prioritise ergonomics. Here are a few guidelines when setting up your office space. Chairs There’s a reason office…

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Elliptical machines and stair climbers are cardio fitness equipment that helps strengthen the heart, burn calories, and tone lower body muscles. While using both properly produces effective results, they have differences that can affect your routine. Whether you want to buy these for your home from stores like Nordick Track…

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A Guide to Buying a Foreclosed House

house made of money

A foreclosed home, also called real estate owned (REO) property, is a house owned by the lender as a result of the previous owner’s failure to pay off the loan. Many home seekers buy foreclosed properties, as they are more affordable than new homes. You can use regular mortgage financing…

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