December 2013

How Countertops Improve Resale Value


Home buyers look at every aspect and corner of a house before they make a deal. A slight turn off can change their minds, so it’s important to make everything presentable. From the interiors to exteriors, the materials used can be your major selling point. The kitchen, for instance, can…

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Silver Investment Tips for Beginners

silver jewelry

Investing in silver bullion is a practical way to make money. Before you get involved, however, you need to know how the buying and selling process works. The following are some tips on buying silver bullion: Educate Yourself Study the market before investing in silver. If you’re not sure how…

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Few Safety Tips When Buying Roof Access Products


When working in high places, safety is one thing that can’t be compromised. That’s why the equipment used for these types of jobs, such as platforms and ladders, should only be bought after careful thinking. Know their purpose Determine what your usage for the item will be. Is it just…

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Why Invest in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the most thriving economies in Asia. With free trade in the area, many business owners prefer to start their companies there. Here are some reasons investing in Hong Kong is a sound decision: Banking Hub The area is one of Asia’s centers in banking and…

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LibreOffice: A Great Alternative to MS Office

LibreOffice Logo

LibreOffice is a cost-efficient alternative to the MS Office suite. This software is free, but it can do virtually everything that Microsoft Office is capable of doing. This includes creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Loaded with many features, the software allows a convenient way of accomplishing your projects minus…

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Be Auction-Savvy: Some Tips to Make the Right Choice


Buying cars at a live auction in Melbourne or in other cities, adds excitement to any vehicle purchase. While it’s usually just as exciting as making the rounds to your local dealer, an auction provides a sense of competition. Auctions are hugely popular across all of Australia, but not all…

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The RCM Process: Basic Steps You Need to Know


Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) is essential in Operations and Maintenance programmes. The RCM process’s introduction will involve changes to established working processes. For this to be successful, the management should demonstrate their commitment. This could be through a policy statement and personal involvement. Here are the basic steps involved in…

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