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How Clean is Your Air?

air duct celaningYour house may be spotless, but you still notice you or your family members are falling ill or showing signs of allergies. It could be the air. You need to make sure that the air inside your home is clean and safe.

Here are some tips to purify your air indoors:

Clean the air ducts

Over time, residue accumulates in the ducts and particles will start wafting into the air. A regular air duct cleaning is all you need to sort that problem. Better get experts to do it for you to make sure you get to all the hard to reach areas.

Don’t smoke indoors

Secondhand smoke is the cause of many ills, including lung cancer. It’s simple to avoid it from circulating in the air you breathe at home: just don’t smoke. If there are smokers in the family, designate a smoking area, or encourage them to quit.

Clean humidifiers and air conditioners

Air conditioners have components that expel air into the room. A dirty air conditioner may contaminate or even pollute the air in your home. The same is true for humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Make it a habit to clean and replace filters regularly. You can also schedule a yearly general cleaning of these air conditioning devices.

Install harmful gas detectors.

Carbon monoxide and radon gases are very poisonous. In fact, it kills hundreds of people every year. This is a perfectly avoidable tragedy. All you need to do is install specific detectors to warn you if the levels are dangerously high.

A clean home includes having clean air to breathe. Just as you would vacuum your carpets or mop up your floors, allocate time to purify and clean the air that you and your family members breathe, too. You will avoid allergic flare ups, skin irritations, and a good many other airborne diseases.

Gender Bias in Child Custody: Fiction or Fact?

Gender BiasLooking at the statistics, it’s clear that mothers are more likely to get primary residential custody than fathers in custody decisions. A 2011 statistics revealed that mothers get custody 68-88% of the time, while fathers only get an 8-14% chance.

Some say this is due to the so-called gender bias in child custody. Courts often favor the mothers more than the fathers to rear children because of pre-conceived stereotypes. While this notion sounds believable, is there any truth to it?

Gender Bias and its Effects

To examine this phenomenon, it’s important to look at two concepts: the gender bias itself and the perception of it. Gender bias could be a cause or effect. It becomes a cause when it affects custody decisions, and it becomes an effect when it fuels stereotypes, which will continue to qualify the gender bias.

The gender stereotype that women are naturally the better parents doesn’t only impose unfair expectations on mothers but ultimately undermines the capability of fathers to look after their child.

Consequently, gender bias becomes a stereotype in itself. Since people believe that it exists, the direct assumption is that any decision made in favor of the mother is just a result of gender bias.

The Truth

When it’s time to make a decision, MatthewsFamilyLawyers.com says the “child’s best interest” is a matter that the court will always take into account, which makes gender bias a myth.

There are statistical data that suggest mothers get child custody because they are more able to provide for the child’s best interest, meaning they have more physical and emotional involvement with the child. One defining conclusion is that most fathers have less involvement in their children’s care during and after the marriage.

Some marriage educators say gender bias is an argument commonly used by fathers who fail to grasp the meaning and value of fighting for more time with their child during the divorce process.

The use of gender bias as an argument in custody cases will not only smear the mother’s reputation as a rearing parent, but also will most likely interfere with the child’s best interest.

Know Why Missing Even a Single Tooth May Cost Too Much

orthodontistLosing one of your teeth could mean losing that confident, beautiful smile. While your smile is usually the first victim of your missing tooth, an incomplete set of teeth could also cause a myriad of health complications. Here are some of them.

  1. Body Image Issues

The number one, most evident effect of a missing tooth is dental aesthetics. Unfortunately, a poor smile might affect how we feel about ourselves, and may even lead to body image issues and depression.

  1. Poor Nutrition

For children or older adults that do not have a complete set of teeth, chewing food might be difficult and may thus affect their overall nutrition. As such, replacing missing teeth with dental implants could be very helpful in keeping malnutrition at bay.

  1. A Change of Taste

According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, missing tooth can change how we can actually perceive food in the mouth. Changes in the food’s texture and taste may affect how we consume the food that we eat, and may thus affect our nutritional intake.

  1. Susceptibility To Infection

According to research, almost 70% of Americans have at least one tooth missing. Unfortunately, missing tooth exposes the gums to many different infectious agents that can cause gum disease. Among these dental problems is periodontitis, or the inflammation of the periodontium (gap between the teeth and the gum line). During periodontitis, abscess develops inside the gum, which may cause debilitating dental malformation and may even lead to more serious medical emergency, such as sepsis.

  1. More Severe Health Complications

Poor dental conditions arising from loss of tooth may actually lead to more alarming health conditions, warns the Utah Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. Certain cardiovascular conditions, for instance, may be aggravated because of poor dental health caused by a missing tooth. Gum infections may also worsen chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and several autoimmune diseases.

Having a complete set of teeth does not only help you feel good about yourselves, it also helps you maintain optimum dental health necessary for your overall wellness. As such, it is necessary to keep your smile complete and your teeth healthy at all times.

Take It or Leave It: Deciding Between Sentimentality and Practicality

Moving timeIf this is your first time to move, then you should know moving isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. You think it’s nothing more than packing your stuff and going? Think again.

Take it from the experts at Lightspeed Delivery, it’s more than just relocating your furniture and rearranging them in your new house. You will go through the inevitable process of deciding what to take and what to leave. For some people, this is emotionally challenging, choosing between taking everything and being a bit more realistic about the moving costs.

Objects can have meanings, too

The movers are going to be here any minute and you still haven’t decided whether to take the smelly old couch where you and your college friends used to hang out. The thought of parting with that ugly old thing makes you nauseous, but then you’ll need to pay an extra $20 for the added weight.

This is a usual scenario for anyone anticipating an impending move. Some people attach emotions to their stuff because these inanimate objects took part in a meaningful experience in the past.

“Part of the reason is nostalgia, but there seems to be a deep attachment to these objects as well,” explains University of Bristol psychologist Bruce Hood. “It’s called essentialism, the idea that some objects are more than just their physical properties.”

The problem arises when these objects have no actual uses and usually just get in the way of a practical lifestyle.

A Quick Reality Check

Just because it’s backed up by studies, it doesn’t give you an excuse to spend an additional $100 for moving costs because you can’t give up your tattered couch.

Indulge yourself to a degree, like the stuffed Minion you won at some school fare, but once you get way off your budget, it’s time to reconsider. The secret is balance. You want to take the limited edition Lightsabers? Then ditch the broken Lord of the Rings lamp. Or vice versa.

By making sacrifices and sorting out your priorities, you can treat yourself while your budget doesn’t suffer too much.

Sometimes, it’s not a question about what you want and what you need, because those two are easily interchangeable. Oftentimes, it’s more about what you can live with.

Making your People Last: Ways to Retain Employees

Keep Your EmployeesLosing your talents may cause your company’s performance to plummet. As such, you need to take care of your employees so that they will not leave the company.

If you are an employer with troubles in keeping subordinates, do not fret. You can control it if you find ways to motivate and make them realize their potential.

Conduct one on one sessions.

Having one-on-one sessions with your employees will help you get to know them. ILS Performance notes that interpersonal communication helps improve individual performance. Build relationships with them so they will trust you with their problems. These sessions will also help you find out things that may cause them to leave and address them before they escalate.

Ask for feedback.

Companies will sometimes have policies that are not agreeable to employees. Always provide your subordinates with opportunities for feedback and recommendations. Keeping your employees happy through dialogues may deter them from leaving the company. After all, dialogue goes further than resorting to fights or firing your employees.

Give them opportunities to step up.

Giving your employees a vision of promotion will deter them from leaving the company. Let them rise in the career ladder by equipping them with skills and experience through leadership courses. At the end of the day, your company’s success lies in your people.

Put them where they grow.

Some people might have dissatisfaction and poor performance in the company because they are not where they are supposed to be. People also need an environment where they can realise their potential. Analyse your employees and make sure that you assign them to places where they can grow. What matters is that employees are growing in your company.

Retaining your employees in the company is possible if you can relate to them, give them the ideal environment and opportunities to grow. Doing this will not only keep your employees satisfied, it proves your skill as a leader in your company, as well.

The Summer Home You Would Want

Summer HouseSummer time is one of the best opportunities for family members to enjoy each other’s company. Despite a bigger environment, living in the suburbs can still be intoxicating especially if everything becomes mechanical. Because of this, many people really look forward to travelling during this part of the year.

While focusing on building one’s career is important, it should not be completely the essence of life. It is only essential to unwind once in a while to prevent burning out. According to experts, people who frequently travel are likely to be happier with their lives. As a result, they can become more productive.

Travelling, however, costs a lot of money. That is why not everyone can afford to leave their homes. Because of this, people find different ways to make spending summer at home more bearable, including building a summerhouse.

If you have the resources, investing on a summerhouse in your property is one of the many things you might want to consider. It serves as a refuge for you and your family to relax in during the hot months and to build fond memories together. Moreover, such investment will provide you security for future purposes, as any improvement in your property increases its value.

Building a summerhouse may be a daunting task, even so if you are working on a restricted budget. DIY projects are a fun way to accomplish something while saving cash. Fortunately, building such structures is achievable, with the availability of the necessary tools in small to medium-scale projects. With companies like Classic Hire, which rent out equipment, the task has definitely become more convenient. In addition, there are readily available blueprints that come in different designs, allowing more interested people to access these online.

Whether it is a tropical inspired cabana or a Victorian themed cottage, building a summerhouse is one of the fun activities you can do during the season. Always remember that there is nothing more fulfilling than building something out of your own hands.

How Businesses Should Start Saving from the Start

Office FurnitureIt doesn’t take much to decorate a new office; just buy everything brand new and that should help the managers attract talent and clients in no time. Similar to any investment, the cost of office equipment is a gamble, the returns of which can only be felt further down the road, if at all. The beginning of a company is a time of optimism when owners feel they can take on the world, but it’s also a time of extreme caution, which not many people remember.

The most difficult part in the early life of a company is to act conservatively; the realities of losses against gains have yet to sink in, because losses always come before gains. But, there will come a time when gains need to come in to keep the company afloat. Fortunately, the rules for the gains and losses game are flexible, allowing companies to define what they can consider as a success and which they can call a failure.

One of the easiest ways for managers to increase their chances of gains is to minimize the cost of their investments; the less money they put into the initial costs, the easier they can break even. It’s true that companies need to spend money to make money, but it’s possible to make a lot of money, without spending as much.

Taking advantage of websites such as http://qualityusedoffice.com and their used furniture products is one way companies can save a lot of money. It greatly reduces the initial equipment costs of a business without sacrificing any of the functionality a company would get from using brand new office supplies.

Skeptics are sure to point out that the above statement is no guarantee as to the performance of the equipment, which is a fair assessment. But, that’s quickly countered by the warranty offers on such items. Even if something fails prematurely, the inconvenience a company incurs is minimal.

What You Need to Know About Having Healthy Bones

healthy bonesIt’s easy to take care of something that you see every day. You get to check how it is, clean it and repair if something goes wrong. The same thing applies to our body. We take care of the parts that we see, regularly clean them and treat the wounds or pain that we feel. But, how about the important parts that are not visible? For example, our bones.

Bone Health

The human body is composed of 206 bones which are said to be continuously changing — as people age, old bones are continuously being replaced by new ones. Young people build new bones faster that they break the old ones. But, when humans reach the peak bones mass when they are around 30 years old, the opposite happens in bone remodeling — you lose more bone mass than you gain.

They support and protect the organs. They let us move. Bones also provide us an overall structure from head to toe. But, even with the known importance, people still tend to take bone health for granted. Is it because people only pay attention if there are fractures or unbearable pain caused by diseases or injuries? Or is it mainly because of lack of awareness on how to maintain good bone health and the consequences of not doing so?

How to Take Care of Your Bones

The Wells Suite stresses the importance of maintaining healthy bones. Nobody wants to have osteoporosis or be prone to bone fractures and other bone-related injuries when they get older. Prevention is the better and less painful option than having surgeries such as joint reconstruction or knee replacement surgeries.

But, how do you take care of your bones? It is very simple. You just need discipline and the right attitude. Eat healthy foods, take your vitamins, stay hydrated and exercise regularly — these are all paramount to maintaining healthy bones.

There are a lot of tips on how to improve bone health available to us online. Do your research and know what suits you best.

Moving House: Can You Do It Alone?

Move House AloneThe stress that comes with moving house is nothing new for most people. We have all come to accept as fact that the process of packing all things into boxes and transferring all of them to a new location is just exhausting. But in the end, it’s something you have to do.

Families have it a little easier, as there are many members who can help with the necessary chores. But what about those who live alone? For those who are living the solo life, is it possible to move house alone?

If you mean that you’ll do everything yourself, that’s quite improbable. You’ll need help from other people in one way or another. For instance, you would need assistance moving heavy furniture, unless you want to leave everything behind.

If you try to move the couch, the refrigerator, and other heavy items on your own, you’re risking a back injury and other possible accidents. Little Green Truck suggests calling some people to help load all the heavy items instead of trying to lift them on your own.

What you can do solo, however, is to plan the whole move. This is where you have to organise every item you have and sort which items go to the new place and which get left behind. This is also the time to scout for a company (or for a set of friends) that would help you with loading and transporting everything you own.

Don’t underestimate the fatigue you’ll experience in planning to move house alone. Whatever you do, take the necessary steps to avoid injuries during the move and to ensure that the process gets completed without a hitch. The last thing you want is to visit the emergency room just because you weren’t careful enough.

If you’re moving house alone, do it the right way. Plan the move early and carefully, organise all your stuff, and don’t hesitate to ask for help with things you can’t (or shouldn’t) do alone.

Can Books Really Save Lives? Some Books CAN!

Safety BookWorking outside can be quite risky —some more than others. Carelessness is often the cause of accidents, as some people are just not aware. There are certain tools such as Take 5 safety books that could help drill safety protocol onto the minds of employees, and ensure the safety of others, their environment, and their companies’ properties.

Companies like B&S Printing publish some of these safety books, but what are they really good for?

Guidelines are at par With Global Safety Standards

To perform risk assessment in your workplace, you need some guidelines. In construction companies or any engineering related business, risk assessment is necessary and it comes with guidelines specific to the field. Still, if you are not an expert in setting ‘predefined guidelines’, these safety instructions could help.

Checklists and Risk Management

It contains checklists, which you can use to assess the possible risks in your work environment. Managing and identifying the risks in your workplace is essential to prevent any catastrophe that might lead to injury, or worse, death. You must know the likelihood or the possibility that an accident could happen and the amount of damage or harm that the consequence or accident might bring to your people and properties.

How to Use This Book

Distribute the book to everybody in your workplace for them to be aware of the things that might go wrong around them while they are working. The checklist items in the book is in question form and can be answerable by a simple yes, no, or not applicable. Moreover, the checklist items are in categories, which make it easier to find and answer.

Nevertheless, before you hand out this book to your employees or co-workers, it is important that you discuss the contents of this book first. More importantly, they must know the meaning of the terms and jargon, such as WI (Work Instructions), JSA (Job Step Analysis), etc., that they will find in the book. This will make their answers to the checklist more accurate.