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3 Safety Hazards in a Preschool That You Must Watch Out For

preschool setting
Are you planning to build a preschool in your community? While your intention is admirable, building a preschool comes with a lot of responsibilities. Apart from providing children with learning opportunities, you must also ensure the safety of the kids while they’re in the facility. For starters, here are the safety hazards you must watch out for:

1. Entrances and Exits

Toddlers love running around — and it’s impossible to watch their every move. So, it is essential that the entrances and exits of your preschool are secure and hazard-free. Installing aluminum fences are a great way to secure the outdoor area, while clearly lighted and uncluttered hallways decrease the risks of accidents inside the facility.

2. Floors

Young children can spot anything on the floor, and whatever it is, it’ll probably go into their mouth as soon as you turn your back on them! That’s why it is important that the floors, as well as the floor coverings, are clean and free of debris which may be picked up and swallowed by the kids. Also, the use of carpets or padded floors is ideal for preschool classrooms to prevent accidents involving loose nails, splinters, and sharp floor corners.

3. Walls

Though kids can’t reach the decorations fastened to the walls, these adornments can still be a source of hazard. Make sure that bulletin boards, pictures, and other wall adornments are securely fastened with screws, as staples and thumbtacks are not ideal for child care. They should be placed in lightweight plastic frames, as well. So, if an earthquake or other disasters happen, falling picture frames or wall boards will not be harmful to the children.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are other parts of a preschool that are hazard risks. But by focusing first on entrances, floors, and walls, you’re off to a good start in building a safe facility for the children.


4 Figures That Show Utah is the Best Place to Open a Business

Growing Businesses in Salt Lake CityUtah offers more than you can imagine, so why not go for it if you’re planning to start a business or buy an existing one.

To jump-start your career, you can enroll in a PMP training course in Utah. A professional certificate in project management will make you more attractive to growing and stable companies in the state. It also makes you better prepared to tackle challenges of owning a business.

Although opening and running a business is challenging, you may find it much easier when you’re in Utah. After all, the state is:

1. Number 1 Top States for Business

Utah is 2016’s Top State for Business, according to CNBC. But that’s not the most surprising fact yet, as it scored 1,598 out of 2,500 points across 10 categories. Furthermore, it placed in the top half for every category. This means it’s also one of the best in terms of workforce, the cost of doing business, and infrastructure.

2. Number 43 in North America for Cost of Living

While Utah isn’t the most affordable in terms of cost of living in the U.S., it is still one of the lowest. Salt Lake City, its busy capital, ranks 43 out of the 58 cities in North America, based on Expatistan data. It’s 37th out of the 49 in the United States.

For any business, especially a start-up, that’s pleasant news. After all, lower expenses mean a higher profit and better take-home pay for their employees.

3. Enjoying a 5% Corporate Tax Rate

Although most states impose a corporate tax rate, the percentages differ. One of the lowest is that of Utah at only 5%. Iowa has the highest as 12% followed by Pennsylvania at 9.99%. Four states (including Nevada and Ohio) based levy taxes on gross receipts, while two states (Wyoming and South Dakota) don’t collect either gross receipts or corporate income tax.

4. Number 9 in Women-Owned Business Friendliness

Granted, women need more clout in various industries in Utah, but it’s growing. In an American Express commissioned report, Utah now ranks 9th based on women-owned business growth. It also placed well at number 10 in employment growth trends and ranked 17th in terms of revenue.

Indeed, business is doing well in Utah, and there’s no other place to be part of the industry than here.

The 3 Moments That Make Employees Want to Sue Their Boss

Employment LawyersWork can be enjoyable if you love what you do and you have coworkers that are fun to work and be with. What makes a job something to look forward to more every single day is the type of boss that you have.

It’s a nightmare, however, if you have a boss from hell. You just can’t help but search for experienced employment lawyers in your area to sue your boss because of what he makes you do or does to you and your coworkers.

While there are many reasons employees sue the companies they used to work for, there are top 3 moments that definitely call it to action. Here they are and what you can do about them.

What Makes You Want to Work Off the Clock

Many companies expect a high level of productivity from their employees. But, the extra time you spend at work should be compensated. There is no such thing as free labour nowadays.

Greed plays a part when this kind of situation happens. Your company may be so eager to earn money that it neglects to pay its employees accordingly. Watch out when this happens.

Tells You That You Have No Right

You have every right in the world to question what a company wants you to do, especially if it’s not part of your job. One of the main reasons this happens to employees is that many are not aware of their rights. Get to know them and protect yourself.

Makes Inappropriate Advances at You

This is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone at work. It’ll make you feel vulnerable and abused. Fortunately, employment lawyers can encourage you to file a case against your boss if this is done to you. Whether your boss is a man or woman, inappropriate advances are not allowed. It is considered sexual harassment.

There are many other reasons employees sue their boss. The ones in this list, however, top them all.

Transforming Society, One Mobile Phone at a Time

Mobile Phone from PakistanSociety adapts to technology at its own pace. Western countries, where these new gadgets originate, are quick to find a use. It is the culture there, and though it may seem financially unhealthy to many people in countries like Pakistan to spend thousands every year on a small device, it helps them keep up with the trends there. In Pakistan, however, the mobile infrastructure is still developing. Users still cannot use high-end smartphones to their full potential, outside of taking crisp pictures and videos.

Nevertheless, mobile phones have found a profound purpose in the country. Easy shopping for mobile gadgets online enables everyone to get one and collectively, people put it to good use.

Strengthening School Governance

Western schools can take some important points from the School Council Mobilization Program in Pakistan that helps citizen oversight of schools in rural areas. It is impressive that this is not a test, but an existing system, a fact pointedly reported by Stanford University, one of the top universities in the world. It is also a low-cost program, only requiring $50 (5240.25 Rs) for each school and $180 (18,864.90 Rs) for a three-day training.

As a result, enrollment is up and teacher attendance is improving, something the general education landscape in Pakistan can use. More than that, it increases engagement among the students’ parents. There are questions about its long-term efficiency, but it is working now and mobilizing schools in provincial locales.

Banking for the Poor

Financial management is key for poor residents to help make the most out of their money. Mobile phones are still a luxury in this sector, but it gives them access to mobile banking services, where they can get their BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme) provision. With an underutilized banking industry, mobiles phones will provide a boost to banks and the general monetary situation in Pakistan.

Public Protection

By providing quick access to police services, mobile phones are an asset to public security everywhere. Pakistan is no exception as proven by a vigilant citizen who was able to alert the police about a car theft. There are cases like this one all over the country, which is evidence of widespread goodwill across several demographics.

As the mobile sector grows, so will Pakistanis’ use of technology. It is a blessing that mobile phones have been a tool for social mobilization, which everyone hopes will continue to grow.

Serve Your Country with Military Volunteering

Military Volunteer If you have got free time on your hands, the desire to do something great and you’re physically active, you could look at local volunteer opportunities within the military offered by SAF Volunteer Corps. It would provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and take part in national defence at the same time.

There are several different voluntary jobs available in the military like security, recruitment of other volunteers, event planning, computer support, construction (repair, electricity and plumbing and other ‘handyman’ skills), counselling and befriending skills with veterans, nursing and naval duties. The role you take will depend on what is available and on your previous experience and training.

Benefits of Military Volunteering

There are many great things you can enjoy when you consider military volunteering:

  • Add New Skills to Your Portfolio – In your voluntary role, you will gain valuable new skills to add to your existing portfolio. Volunteering with the military is an excellent addition to your CV and you will be able to obtain good character references from the armed forces. You might also be able to gain other vocational qualifications.
  • Improve Your People Skills – You will become more confident around other people as you work with veterans and other volunteers. You can enhance your interpersonal skills and help others in your role.
  • Access to Healthcare – Volunteers of the armed forces have to be fit and healthy so you will have to have medical checks. There may be a healthcare plan provided for you.
  • Access to Education – Depending on your role, you could be given financial assistance to further your education.

Support National Service

Singapore has a two-year national service programme for all male, abled bodied citizens. Men can choose whether to serve the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force or the Singapore Police Force. By volunteering for the military, you can help support and promote National Service.
To contribute to national defence and receive progressive training, contact us and begin the path to a better you.

Getting Janitorial Services in Your Area

Janitorial ServiceIt is a huge task to clean the floors and surfaces of offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, church or any type of building. One will need the help of commercial cleaning companies like Allied Facility Care to keep everything clean, fresh, and safe.

Cleaning Needs of Business Owners

One of the main concerns of business owners is how to keep the workplace clean and safe for everyone. This is why it’s necessary to constantly check if the floors, wall surfaces, and office furnishings are all dust-free to avoid serious health problems. Inhaling dust particles may affect the nose, airways, and lungs. Also, poor floor conditions may cause slips and trips, so cleaning up spilt liquids is important. If there are some areas that cannot be cleaned continously, it’s advisable to have anti-slip flooring. It’s also a wise move to replace any ripped, worn or damaged flooring that poses a hazard.

As a responsible business owner, you want to ensure a clean and safe environment for your employees. After all, they will become happier and more productive at work if their surroundings are organized. So hire an expert to check the following: floors, windows, walls, desks, trash bins, and restrooms. It must be clean and dust-free.

Janitorial Services: On-call 24/7

Around Dallas area, you will find janitorial companies providing comprehensive cleaning services for all office building, restaurant, retail store, warehouse, schools, hospitals or any industrial building. There is help right next to you based on your budget and cleaning needs. You can contact them anytime, inquire about price quotes, and set a cleaning schedule. Trained workers will perform the job to your satisfaction.

Cleaning should not be a problem anymore. If the workload is heavy, remember to hire the services of janitorial companies to do the cleaning for you. Get your money’s worth and be satisfied with the results.

Diamonds are SO Last Season: The Dawn of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement RingDid you know that moissanite is comparable to diamonds in every significant way, such as its cut, brilliance, fire, durability, clarity, and color. Besides, people in a relationship would be ecstatic to hear that the moissanite vs diamond cost is incredibly vast. While a carat of diamond will cost you roughly USD 5,000, you only have to pay USD 700 for a moissanite of the same size. You are basically buying a diamond as a “brand” as it is well-known to be an absurd rite of passage to wed.

If you still have any doubts, consider the following reasons why moissanite is a far better selection compared to diamonds:

Avoid Interest Charges

As mentioned above, diamonds are way more expensive than moissanite. This means that you will be able to pay cash in full if you get it ahead of time. You will get to avoid the interest charges that actually make diamond rings even more costly.

Admire Its Flawless Feature

It might seem unreal, but every moissanite gem is nearly faultless because jewelers make them in a laboratory. They can easily control quality, so the moissanite that you purchase will look better.

Maintain Sentimental Value

Engagement or wedding rings exist not for its investment or asset worth, but for its sentimental value. The main purpose of wedding rings is to look pretty and to serve as mementos or symbols of the event. Consequently, you get your money’s worth by buying a premium quality ring that achieves those criteria at the lowest promising price. The durability, quality and cost attributes of this gem make it a much more attractive choice compared to the diamond when used for wedding rings.

It looks like diamonds have finally met its match – and a far superior one at that, too! Give your fiancé the love and moissanite that he or she deserves without the centuries of commercialism brought by diamonds.

Benefits of Going Digital with Laboratory Information Management System

Information Management SystemLaboratories are always working with various kinds of information, especially with clinical data since patients do have tests done daily. Data storage has therefore become a constant necessity to keep the results and analyses properly saved and documented. While hard copies are still required in the laboratory, moving to a digital system provides very vital benefits and advantages over paper.

Easier to Use and Store Data – With Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS from LABWORKS, data from the various tests that you perform can easily be stored, either by direct input or through automatically connecting your laboratory machines to the system. The data can then be easily searched and utilized by you and your staff since all information have now been organized and made accessible by any computer connected to your LIMS.

Faster Working Time – With a digital system, there is little need to physically file and transfer data, allowing laboratory staff to focus on their tasks. The most work they would do is to input their data in the system if they weren't already automatically put in by your program. Analyses are also faster and more efficient, along with data documentation and dissemination. Even simple office tasks such as distributing information forms and managing payments can be made easier and quicker.

Saves Resources and Time– One of the resources that you can save with a digital system is paper, which encourages a more eco-friendly processing of your laboratory findings. Besides saving time with faster office procedures, you also maximize your employees' earnings, as they can be more productive with their assigned tasks instead of just recording, printing and processing all received data.

The use of a computer-based information management system equates a more efficient, economical and effective office and laboratory operations. It becomes easier to handle data, which leads to faster work and reduced wastage of resources. Just make sure you find the right expert provider to set up your Laboratory Information Management System.

On America’s ‘Working Poor’

Working Poor in UtahIt used to be that having a job was a ticket out of poverty. But with the increase in the population of America’s ‘working poor,’ this statement seems to have lost its relevance. A look at the average American’s finances tells of a constant struggle just to make ends meet.

Still the situation is not all bad. There are various options to augment one’s financial situation, with companies like Utah Money Center offering signature loan options for quick cash with little fuss. Wages are also rising after a long period of stagnation, and 2016’s job security rates are better than they were before. But it doesn’t disprove the fact that millions in America are a paycheck away from living on the streets.

How Things Are Going

According to the Federal Reserve Bank’s report released in 2016, an economic survey done in 2015 shows that 31% of American adults (76 million individuals) are either struggling to get by or are barely able to do so. This number, while smaller from the 38% recorded in the previous year (2014), is proof that the seven-year recession still has people reeling financially. What’s worth noting is that 46% of these adults say that they do not even have the savings to cover a sudden $400 expense if it pops up.

Online personal finance watchdog Bankrate.com reveals largely the same results in their own survey. About 63% of 1,000 individuals they asked don’t have emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses. When asked how they will raise money for said instances, 23% said they’ll cut back on spending elsewhere, 15% said they’ll borrow from loved ones, and another 15% said they’ll use credit cards.

Why Is This Happening?

Wage stagnation might not be a problem now (relative to the past), but it’s been a problem for so long that recovery will take a long time. Hourly wages have largely fallen behind economic productivity in the last 35 years.

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), dismal wage growth is due to intentional policy decisions – and not a result of economic forces – made in favor of the ruling class, or those who have the most wealth and political power. The EPI further states that these policy decisions are classified into areas such as the abandonment of full employment as an economic policy-making objective, the diminished strength of union solidarity, and globalization policies. But until the new administration focuses on changing this, there is little chance of substantial growth occurring in the next few years.

Property Manager: Qualities to Have

Property in BrisbaneHaving someone watch over your property for you while you are busy managing your other business is something most businessmen have ventured into. Thus, the rise of property managers. Property managers in charge of taking care of the property’s and the tenants’ need on behalf of the owner or a whole corporation.

Brisbane is home to property management rights position for sale, says Resort Brokers Australia. But being a property manager is not easy.

Here are the must-have qualities:

  1. Good communication skills

A property manager should be able to relay the information from the tenants to the corporation, and vice-versa, efficiently and effectively. A manager who communicates well prevents miscommunication and eventually, conflict from happening.

  1. Detail-oriented and organised

Running everything from the rent to the broken switch in Unit B can be overwhelming, but not for someone who is organised. The work can be overwhelming, but it can certainly be done.

  1. A “People” person

A good manager should be able to handle daily scenarios in the property patiently and skillfully to keep the clients and the bosses satisfied.

  1. Sense of duty and commitment

Ensuring your tenants that the property would take care of their needs is something important, but is not always done. It takes dedication and commitment to the property and its people in order for one to be effective in his job.

  1. Techie person

A manager should be skilled in using software that would make managing the property easier. This would not only make the job easier, but also more accurate.

Being a property manager is not a job fit for everyone, but rather a job that is fit for most. Have these skills? Why don’t you get into the business and put those useful skills into practice?