Kitchen Essentials: What Do Celebrity Chefs Keep in Their Kitchen?

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Kitchen Essentials: What Do Celebrity Chefs Keep in Their Kitchen?

kitchenWith the rising popularity of kitchen shows like Top Chef, Iron Chef and many other chef battle series, more and more culinary experts are becoming celebrities. These popular chefs share their tips on creating culinary masterpieces, while giving us a glimpse into the magic that happens in their kitchens.

Celebrity chefs may be masters of their world, but they are also normal people who need a great space to do their craft. We share some of the things that celebrity chefs can’t do without in their kitchens:

Jamie Oliver

According to one interview, Jamie Oliver needs empty jam jars. He says these are useful for storing his salad dressings and spices. You can even see him using these jam jars on his popular show “Jamie’s 15 minute meals”.

Nigella Lawsom

A great turkey and oven-food lover, Nigella Lawsom says that she has used countless gadgets and appliances for her kitchen. The relaxed setting of her kitchen has even become an inspiration for many kitchens in Dubai. In one interview, she says that her kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a plastic bin for basting turkey.

Gordon Ramsay

The Hell’s Kitchen author and star of now-defunct kitchen nightmares says he must have a full range of ingredients in his food storeroom at all times. Gordon Ramsay also always checks if his pantry is stocked with bread, steak, cheese and a variety of ingredients.

Rachael Ray

The 30-minute meal star says no kitchen should be without a good quality knife that is comfortable for your hand. The knife has to be sharp and must come with a cover. According to Rachael Ray, this will ensure the knife remains clean and doesn’t rust over time.

Depending on your kitchen design, you may have a lot of space or limited counter space. Keep in mind that these chefs have just told you what they need—only you can determine what fits into your kitchen. Do you want to share what you keep in yours?

Bathroom Remodelling Hacks: Three Things to Accomplish

BathroomProper preparations for a bathroom remodelling project will give you peace of mind, as you are likely to encounter less stress. Nonetheless, preparation requires more than just coming up with a design, conceptualising a theme and turning your ideas into a blueprint.

As The Renovation Company explains, there are several other things you need to think about to make the project a success. To help you come up with the best possible home remodelling strategy, here are three important things you must accomplish:

1. Assess the Existing Space

Analysing the existing space is one of the most important pre-home renovation responsibilities you need to do. While planning the improvements and basic design, you must determine which particular components you want to change.

Think about the bathroom details that you want to enhance, such as the fixtures and the lighting systems. This is important if you want a complete bathroom overhaul. By determining these elements, you will have a clearer idea as to how the space is going turn out.

2. Check the Neighbours’ Properties

Spend a couple of hours going around your neighbourhood. Check out what your neighbours’ properties have if they put up their properties for sale. This will give you a better idea as to how your bathroom remodelling project is going to pay off when you decide to sell your property.

3. Think About the Professionals You Are Going to Hire

Do you have the experience, expertise and equipment to complete your project? If not, how do you think your bathroom remodelling project is going to turn out with your skills alone? Before you start spending, assess the expertise of the home renovation experts you will hire for the project.

Great bathroom remodelling stems from thorough planning. If you want to make your bathroom look like a million dollar makeover, all you need is to get the details right.

Can Google Stand on Its Own without Firefox & Safari?

internet browserDespite having its own browser (Chrome), Google has long been the default search engine for other major platforms, such as Firefox and Safari. That’s no longer the case, though. The search giant already lost the former to Yahoo!—which, by the way, has an alliance with Bing—and at the brink of losing the latter as well.

As the world’s leader in search, Google might lose some market share because of these developments—at least, naturally, that’s how it should happen. Nevertheless, industry experts and Internet users themselves think otherwise.

No Firefox, No Problem

Months after breaking up with Mozilla, Google has been coping up pretty well. In fact, Yahoo! is the one that lost some users recently. After peaking at 13% in January (primarily because of the deal), its market share slightly dropped to 12.8% and 12.7% in February and March, respectively. This is due to entreaties Google made to Firefox users, asking to drop Yahoo! as the default search engine in their favour.

More Money sans Safari

With their contract almost finish, Apple will make a decision on whether to continue routing searches to Google or not later this year. Even if the search engine might lose Mac, iPad and iPhone users if the deal is not renewed, a survey reveals Google might make more wealth with Apple out of the picture—48% of the respondents said they’ll just visit Google separately.

Currently, Digitise My Business noted that the two tech behemoths share revenue made from online ads. Therefore, if Apple decide to change search partners and Google retains over 50% of Safari users, then the latter becomes billions richer.

Why Does This Matter?

As a marketer or a site owner, Google’s market standing—or the standing of other search engines in the market, for that matter—dictates your SEO campaign.Being the leader in search engine optimisation in Perth and other Australian markets, you should veer away from a strict Google-centric approach the moment its closest rival significantly closes the gap; paying more attention to the other platforms should help you maximise the business you can get online.

Google’s second-to-none position in the market isn’t going to change any time soon. Nevertheless, your awareness on how its competitors fare lets you make timely marketing adjustments if the need arises.

Say it with Flowers: The Right Flowers for a Funeral

Funeral flowersWords cannot express appropriately just how bad it is to lose someone.

With all your resources, you have to do your best to embody the message you just want to convey. Condolences? Sympathy? What do you really want to say?

Here’s what the different kinds of flowers you give may tell your receiver.

Funeral Flowers

If you want to pay respects and the proper condolences, going for a tribute-looking flower arrangement can adequately symbolize the thought and feelings you want to convey.

Lindquist Mortuary knows just how relieving flowers and gifts can be for those suffering a loss. So make sure to choose the right kind to epitomize your message.

Sympathy Flowers

If you want to show sympathy, going for less colorful and tame shaded flowers tell your receivers that you directly care and want to genuinely reach out to them. These kinds are sent to the deceased’s home.

This is a genuine representation of your compassion for their loss. While it may not seem like a big deal, going an extra mile to give a more personal token to the family goes a long way.

Flower Bouquets

Yes, they can be appropriate for funerals, given they are arranged in a manner that is not offensive or intrusive.

These can be lain in caskets to accentuate and stress the beauty of passing, and not disturb the solemnity of the wake. Of course, you should choose a toned down and simply designed one to perfectly encapsulate your desired point in the gifting of this bouquet.

While it may not seem like a big deal to choose the kind of flowers for your loved one, it may say a lot and may create confusion; something nobody wants to happen during the grieving period for a person’s passing.

There’s a reason flowers are significant in funeral services. They serve as reminders that life is beautiful, despite our fleeting existence.

Everything beautiful dies, and we are just as beautiful. By surrounding ourselves and the ones we love with all things beautiful, we do our best in preserving each of our lives’ wonderful memories.

Doctors Getting Advice: Why They Need an Accountant

accountantThe money flowing in the clinic and the frequency of patient visits are not necessarily an indication of a good financial standing.  Doctors should be wary of it.  Consider the case of one physician who ordered his bookkeeper to use his credit card for all routine purchases, so he could get more reward points.  His employee did as he was told, but also made personal appliance purchases using the doctor’s credit card.  The keeper spent more than $9,000 without being noticed.  The physician didn’t review the bill – not until his accountant said so. This is a classic case when finding the right accountant for doctors can help you save your money.

Hiring Someone to Look Into Your Books

Why do medical practitioners like you need to hire someone professionally trained to look after your accounting books?

  1. A CPA can help you invest and save

CNN Money writes, “Physicians are poor business people.”   It also said that many young doctors spend lavishly despite their $130,000 average school debt.  The good thing about having an accountant is that you will always be reminded if you are overspending. They will also encourage you to focus on good, long-term assets and investments.  An accountant who offers sound advice ensures revenue increase.  Because your CPA monitors your expenditures, he can give suggestions on how you can cut down costs.

  1. A CPA can help you reduce your taxes.

About 70% of Australians use professional services like that of a CPA to prepare their tax returns. CPAs can give you tax advantages like retirement plans and other savings strategies that a medical practitioner like you may overlook on your own.

Apart from these, a CPA can provide assistance with financial planning, advice and auditing, record keeping, cost and pricing, cash flow management services, financing asset purchases, estate planning and insurance purchases, among others.

DIY Event Coordination: How to Get Started

Event PlanningPlanning an event to introduce a new product line? Need to coordinate your next family gathering? Whatever the event, there is no excuse to be less prepared for it. The last thing you would want is to disappoint those who requested you to plan the affair.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your event planning:

1.) Start Early with Your Planning

One of the biggest mistakes a newbie event coordinator makes is not preparing at once. It doesn’t matter if the event is half a year away; you have to plan early. You need to choose from different function venues and find the right one that suits your event. Most of venues require reservations months before the event, especially if it the place is popular.

2.) Make a List

Make a list of possible contacts, such as sponsors, event partners, guests, catering services, venues, or anything else that you might need. These lists should be specific enough, so you can find what you need within a minute or two. Don’t just settle on a soft copy of your list; always keep hard copies as you plan your event.

3.) Think Out of the Box

When things go wrong before or during the event, people will expect you to find a solution for everything. The last thing you want to do is to send everyone into a panic by panicking yourself. Look at all your options and determine how you can implement a quick solution for your event. Be creative and resourceful. If there’s one rule to follow in making an event work, it’s not to be normal or boring.

With these tips, you’re good to go for your next event. The best way to handle the challenges of event planning is to enjoy every moment. If you make a mistake, learn from it and keep moving forward.

3 Easy Steps to Find Trustworthy Caregivers

Older ParentsYour parents are getting older, and as the years go on, they may gradually start struggling with the daily challenges of life. Unfortunately, you can’t be around to help them all the time, since you have your own responsibilities and commitments to take care of. Hiring a private caregiver is a way to give your parents the support they need, but finding someone who is skilled and trustworthy can be harder than it seems.

Recommendations from friends and family can be good starting point, if they’re available, however there are more steps to ensure the caregiver is the best choice for your loved one. How do you find qualified caregivers that you can trust with the care of your parents? While it does take some effort, the search for your next caregiver doesn’t have to take weeks or months, especially if you know where to look.

1. Go online – Placing a job posting on Craigslist carries a lot of risk as there is no way to verify the candidates background or verify their experience. Blind ads such as these are definitely not a good ideaand there are better options. You can find specialized websites like that are dedicated to providing a safe and secure venue to connect care seekers with experienced and qualified professionals.

Websites like will also let you filter candidates based on factors, such as specific skills or personal preferences. You can even screen your candidate by conducting thorough background checks, reference and license verifications through their service!.

This is a good way to look up dozens of potential candidates in your area, connect with and schedule an interview with the most promising ones. Through these types of venues you can locate the caregiver that best meets your loved ones needs and preferences. If it’s done right this process can allow for more consistency of care and a longer term caregiving relationship, reducing caregiver turnover and headaches from a bad fit.

2. Get referrals – Even if your friends and family don’t know any qualified caregivers, how about your doctor? People in the medical community often have connections with care providers and agencies. Try asking physicians, social workers, physical therapists, and so on. Reputations matter a lot in healthcare, so you can expect their recommendations to be highly reliable. Remember though, getting a reference is great but is does not substitute for verifying the caregivers background and experience as mentioned above.

3. Hire an agency – This tends to be the most expensive option, but takes the responsibility of locating and managing a caregiver out of your hands and ensures that only fully-trained, qualified caregivers will look after your parents. Another benefit is that agencies can act fast, getting out to see your loved one often same day for an assessment and can scheduled caregivers very quickly you’re your last minute care needs. Other than the higher cost, another downside to this method is that you have relatively little input on the people they assign, and the agency might change or alternate the staff responsible for your parents.

Taking the time to find the perfect caregiver from the start is crucial. You don’t want to settle for someone “good enough”, as it may just lead to more headaches later on. Get the right person to take care of your parents, it will be well worth the cost and effort and increase the opportunity for your loved one to be safe, comfortable and healthy.

3 Ways Towards Bridal Hair Perfection

brideYour wedding day should be the one day in your life where you have perfect hair. You can make sure this is the case by taking care of it well. Fortunately, you don’t have to deviate too much from your standard hair care routine.

Here are some tips to make sure your hair is picture perfect on your big day:

Find a Hairdresser

The right hairdresser can help you achieve any hairstyle you want. They can also help ready your hair for the event itself. Having a good relationship with your hairdresser will help you easily communicate what you want for your bridal hair. They can find a nice compromise between your ideal hair style and what will suit your features best.

Regular Salon Trips

Treat your engagement as your time to pamper yourself. Get into the habit of going to salons every couple of weeks for trims and treatments. Your hairdresser will know how to prepare your hair and scalp for the hair style you have planned for the big day. Spa treatments for your hair should be done at least twice a month if your wedding is two to three months away.

Do a Test Run

If you want to drastically change your hairstyle for your big day, make sure you test it out months before. Have your hair coloured, permed, or straightened and make adjustments until you have found the perfect look. Pay close attention to how long your new style settles after the treatment and schedule your pre-wedding hair style treatment accordingly.

You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Make sure you remember it for all the right reasons. Whether your wedding is days or months away, start preparing your hair today. It’s never too late or too early to take care of your hair.

Seeing Through Your Pane

Window PaneRemember that when a door closes, a window will always open. If the window that opened was rusty and weak, however, would you still take the chance of finding out what’s in store for you?

Sometimes windows just have to be replaced due to irreversible damage. The good news is there are lots of materials to choose from for your new windows.

Here are some common window materials:


Wood is one of the most common choices for windows. It is a basic and flexible material and it is easy to work with. A common maintenance method for wooden windows is to just add oil to the hinges when they are already creaking or if you’re already having difficulties opening and closing them.

Another quality that makes it appealing to homeowners is the classic and homey feel these windows give. A big drawback, however, is that wooden windows are prone to all sorts of damage, like corrosion, termite attacks and the sun’s heat.


Wood may be a common window material, but vinyl is the most common window replacement material. This is because there are homeowners who previously had wooden windows, but eventually shifted to vinyl windows. in Salt Lake City says that vinyl’s biggest advantage over wood other materials is that it hardly needs any maintenance. It also does not require any repainting as its color doesn’t peel off. It is also a suitable material if you want heat and noise to be isolated from your place.

If you choose vinyl, just remember to look for signs that your vinyl windows are of high quality.


Aluminum, a very light material, is perhaps not the best option for homes. Granted the material is strong and can hold heavy types of glass, but it is also the kind of material that attracts and traps heat inside your home. Aluminum materials are also prone to rusting, thus the need for constant and costly maintenance.

If your present windows prove to be more trouble than they’re worth, it may be time to replace them. There is no point in prolonging the pane of windows in bad condition.

Three Celebrities and Their Stories of Cosmetic Dental Treatment

George ClooneyWhen it comes to teeth whitening, Stockport has experienced dentists who can help bring out the sparkle in their patients’ smiles. Nonetheless, teeth whitening is more than just a beauty enhancer.

As Church Road Dental and Cosmetics say, “Whitening treatments give you an immediate glow and makes your smile look attractive.” Even famous celebrities who wear false teeth know this for a fact.

Here are some A-list celebrities who had teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental treatments to achieve a camera-ready smile:

1. George Clooney

George Clooney may have been the most eligible bachelor in the world before his marriage to Amal Alamuddin, but he wasn’t always deemed that way because of his bad teeth. Reports claim Clooney bought his million-dollar smile for £15,000. Prior to his cosmetic dental treatment, the Hollywood actor used to have short yellowish teeth that were the result of constant grinding.

2. Tom Cruise

No one would have thought that a celebrity best known for his captivating smile is actually wearing false teeth. Hollywood insiders say Cruise has undergone different dental cosmetic treatments to achieve his stunning smile. Look at the promotional photos of the actor for the 1983 movie The Outsiders and compare those with Top Gun and Mission Impossible photos—you might find the difference in his smile.

3. Victoria Beckham

Fans who have been following Victoria Beckham since her days as Posh Spice might already have noticed the huge difference between how her teeth looked then and now. Photo comparisons show that her bicuspids used to protrude over the rest of her yellowish teeth. Some people still claim Beckham has never had dental surgery, though.

Teeth whitening and cosmetic dental treatments may help you achieve that million-dollar, Hollywood-grade smile. Dental practices offer different whitening options to give the wow factor to the smile of their patients.