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6 Common Yet Dangerous Mistakes Shipping Companies Make

Shipping MistakesAll companies value safety. This does not only involve the safety of people, but also of the packages to be delivered. Unfortunately, accidents occur every now and then. These are usually due to poor management or negligence of the workers.

Integrated Container Logistics enumerates some simple yet dangerous mistakes shipping companies make:

Improperly Stacked Goods

Some handlers are not careful when piling boxes on top of each other. Some treat it like an intense game of Jenga where the only thing that matters is balance. These people do not understand that ships are mobile vessels and the slightest imbalance could cause the cargo to slip or fall.


Yes, it’s true that all humans are prone to making mistakes. But, that is no excuse for slacking off during work and skipping a few steps in the SOPs. Some common careless actions include:

• Removing the fastener without checking the stability of the cargo first
• Uncovering the skip
• Failure to place the safety bar

A split second of carelessness could lead to accidents that result in a lifetime of disability.

The Use of Damaged Containers

Some shipping owners may think that they are saving up on a few thousand dollars when they continue to reuse containers with rust, small cracks or dents. But, these containers are ready to collapse or break completely at any time and must be replaced.

A Mistake in the Classification of Dangerous Goods

There are nine main classifications of dangerous goods, namely gases, explosives, flammable solids, flammable liquids, radioactive materials, organic peroxides and oxidizing substances, corrosives, infectious/toxic substances and miscellaneous dangerous articles.

Classifying these dangerous goods is a crucial process, as each type of substance is packaged and handled in a specific manner. Errors in classification could cause toxicity of the handlers, physical injuries, and even explosions.

Poorly Established SOPs

Discipline is a must, especially in large companies that rely mainly on manpower to get things going. Good companies set clear SOPs to make sure that everything is systematic.

Think about these the next time you have your packages transported. To be sure that your parcel will be delivered or stored safely, look for well managed companies that strictly adhere to the rules of safety of container transport.

Procedures and Processes in Moving Furniture Items

Moving FurnitureWhen you relocate your home or office, you will realise that you need to move a number of chairs, tables, benches, cupboards and cabinets. You need to package these properly, transport them safely and unload them at the new destination carefully.

Hire Professional and Specialised Movers

Some people suggest that you dispose of old ones and buy new ones at the new location. This is not always affordable as some are custom pieces, or they could be antique or heirloom pieces that you really do not want to sell.

Hence, moving them to your new place, instead of buying new ones, is the best option for this kind of scenario. You must hire a company specialising in furniture removal to assist you in the onerous task of moving all your belongings, says EZi Removals Perth.

Handled With Care

You might possess some highly prized pieces in your home. Now these pieces need handling with utmost care using the appropriate packing materials, such as with bubble wraps and blankets. Tie them up with extra blanketsso they go through transit undamaged, even with violent movement in the move.

The movers who specialise in moving such chairs, sofas and tables understand the property of the material and know their construction. This helps them handle the furniture well.

Glass and Mirrors Require Extra Attention

Some articles of furniture require extra care than normal owing to their size and bulk. Such items include a pool table or a piano, and these items need special handling or vehicle to transport them.

Likewise, furniture with glass or mirrors comprising them need such care as well. This means a glass tabletop or closet with mirrors should have a separate packing procedure.
Check the moving company for insurance coverage, which comes in useful when one of their workers accidentally damage a furniture company. Before moving furniture, though, catalogue all your items and mark all boxes.

Blankets for Everyone and for Every Kind

BlanketsAre you looking for the ideal blanket that provides enough warmth and the right size? Blankets come in varying material and sizes. They also come in baby and adult sizes. In addition, they serve different purposes as well. Know the types of blankets you can choose from here.

Softminkyblankets.com argues the different kinds of blankets below.

Types of Blankets

Generally, there are three types of blankets. You can choose blankets made of cotton for summer, fleece for winter, and wool for winter. There are also comforters and quilts filled with natural or synthetic insulating material, which are perfect for winter. Duvets, on the other hand, are a type of quilt traditionally filled with feathers. Modern duvets now use synthetic fibers instead.

Luxury Blankets

To sleep like a king or queen, there are also luxury blankets that are a bit expensive than other blankets. Like blankets fit for the royalty, luxury blankets consist of top class materials and feature more secure and advanced stitching than most types. These blankets spread over the four corners of the bed to add decorative appeal. Luxury blankets can even serve as the focal point of your bedroom.

Baby Blankets

Your fragile baby also deserves a blanket! You can choose to fit him inside a wearable blanket or envelop him in a security blanket with teddy bear toy features. Otherwise, you can wrap him in a swaddle blanket or a warmer plain blanket. There are also receiving blankets that you can use when the baby expects special visitors on special occasions, such as christening.

Finally, you can base your decision on four factors when choosing the design and size for your blankets:

1. The gender of the person using it;
2. His or her personality
3. The number of people who will be using it; and
4. The motif of the bedroom.

From its prehistorical roots to the modern types, there are blankets for every type of need and want.

Understanding Eye Discomfort in the Office

Eye Discomfort in the OfficeWorking in an office can be visually demanding, especially now that most businesses rely on computers to perform different tasks. To promote maximum comfort, good lighting is necessary. It should be enough to let employees read printed and handwritten text clearly, but not too much that it causes glare and leads to eye discomfort.

Visual Environment

Property improvement sites, such as HGTV.com and Remodelista.com, and commercial lighting companies like C and J Lighting, Inc., noted that promoting a good visual environment can start with the right lighting fixture. It must provide enough light in the right direction without causing any shadow. It should also give contrast with everything in sight, not only the tasks your employees have in front of them.

Poor lighting conditions don’t only affect the eyes, but can also lead to body aches like a stiff neck and shoulder pain. The body adjusts – consciously and unconsciously – to make it easier to read, so you’ll likely hear complaints about eyestrain, irritation, blurred vision, and headache from employees after long-term exposure. The American Optometric Association (AOA) added that these could contribute to computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eyestrain.

Reducing Eye Discomfort

The monitor in itself produces light, so it doesn’t need additional lighting. What you should focus more on is achieving the correct lighting of its surroundings. Install overhead lighting and make sure that you can dim or filter it when necessary. Natural light can also cause glare depending on where it enters the office, so it’s not always best to combine both natural and artificial light. Desk and task lamps are okay, but should be away from monitors to avoid reflecting excessive light.

Lighting has a considerable effect in the office setting. If you don’t want your employees to suffer from ocular conditions, you have to make the light – whether natural or artificial – appropriate to their needs.

Different Styles of Patio Doors

Patio DoorsPatio doors in your Salt Lake City home will allow more natural light to enter and will give you easy access to the outdoors. The only catch is that unlike the ordinary doors, patio doors take up more space.

The good news here though is that patio doors come in myriad styles, which implies that you are most certain to find one suiting your needs and space availability at home.

Solar Window & Door lists four common types of patio doors below.

1. French Patio Doors

These doors feature rectangular glass panels set in wooden frames, usually arranged in sections that run through the entire door length. You could have either a single door with other panels being stationary or a double door, depending on your preference. Most often, these are fixed so that they swing outwards to avoid space constraints indoors.

2. Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door is your best bet if you do not have adequate space for single or double patio doors. Such doors consist of glass panes fitted in fiberglass, plastic or vinyl frames. These doors are an excellent choice for smaller houses. Safety-wise, though, these are not that up to scratch, but you can install additional safety features to bolster its defenses.

3. Storm Patio Doors

Various strong materials comprise the bulk of storm patio doors, making them ideal for areas where stormy weather is common fare.

4. Screen Patio Doors

Unlike other patio doors, these have screens in place of glass. This gives the door both advantages and disadvantages. The pros are that the doors make the room more ventilated, and perfect for places where one needs to shut windows for most parts of the day.

On the downside, screen patio doors are not weatherproof and not that sturdy. This makes it a liability in storm-prone areas.

Choose a patio door that best suits your needs and revel in the grand look they afford your home. While these are the four most common types, you can ask your supplier to custom-make a patio door for you.

Save Big On Your Income Tax: Take Advantage of Vehicle Donation

car donationLowering your income tax is easy if you make use of a vehicle donation as a deductible. The following steps will guide you through the process as painlessly as possible.

1. Look for Tax-exempt Organizations

According to America’s Car Donation Center, the only donations recognized by the IRS as tax-deductible are those donated to religious groups, as well as organizations that promote education or support humanitarian causes. Your community gardening club could be a nonprofit organization that has only the best intentions, but if it is not IRS tax-exempted, there’s no way that donating your vehicle to your club will allow you to reduce your tax payments.

2. Calculate Your Vehicle’s Value Estimate

You can easily do this by knowing what your chosen charity plans will do with the vehicle you donated.

On one hand, if the organization sells your vehicle, you can deduct from your tax the same amount that the vehicle fetches when it is sold. On the other hand, if the organization decides to use the vehicle in its operations or sells it to someone who needs it, you can deduct your vehicle’s selling price from your tax.

Be warned: you have to compute your tax deductions only after your charity has sold your donated vehicle, especially if the value turns out to be more than $500. Wait for the charity to send you the sales receipt – that’s the time you can write off the amount in it from your tax.

3. Keep the Documents About Your Vehicle Donation

You might be wondering why you have to be burdened with paperwork – the reason you chose to donate your vehicle in the first place is to get rid of it while lowering your income tax. A non-cash donation though, is bound to have the IRS hound you, and the only way to prevent potential problems is for you to document everything.

Proven Social Media Tricks to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

social media marketingWhat a beautiful and useful website you have! But then, why aren’t many people visiting it? In cases where the website’s aesthetics and function are not its problems, then it only means you are not doing a great job making it known to the world.

People would not find your website if you do not take steps to make it visible, leading to minimal traffic. One of the best ways to boost your website’s traffic is to avail of the right social media marketing service.

Zooseo.com shows a few proven tricks:

Taking Advantage of the Social Media Giants

Though there are several social media apps and websites popping around, Facebook and Twitter remain kings of the social media, and they don’t show signs of relinquishing their throne anytime soon. Use these two as your major platforms of reaching out to your website’s audience.

There are also other great platforms to use, however, such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. For better results, you can use all of these platforms, but use it with caution and knowing the target audience of the social media site helps a great deal.

Creating Regular Social Media Posts Schedule

Increase your social media engagement by creating a post schedule. For example, if you have published a new article in your website, let your social media followers know by sharing it to your social media accounts. A published post that is interesting enough means people would not hesitate to click and visit your website.

Paying a Little Advertising Fee

Sure, you can advertise your website for free, but if you want better results, pay a little advertising fee for your website such as the ones offered on Facebook. Facebook has targeted advertisements, which find the right audience for your website.

With these simple tricks, your website’s traffic would definitely improve. It takes some effort when advertising your website, and it may even take a while before you can reap its rewards. Still, the returns more than make up for it.

Protect Your Car Interior From the Heat Using a Window Tint

Car Window TintTinted car windows primarily control the amount of sunlight that enters your car, protecting the interiors of the car from the harsh effects of the sun and keep your car cool as well. The tint also ensures your privacy. An added bonus is the protection the tint offers to the windows as well.

Car tints can come in a range of colours and shades, and can add to the look of your car. Window films for cars are available in colours, such as grey, amber, green, blue, bronze and even mirror colours. The shade of the film can range anywhere between eighty percent to five percent, in terms of translucency.

TintWorks knows that tinted windows interest most car owners, so if you want to buy one for your vehicle, here are some things to know beforehand.


Every state has its own laws with regard to car window tinting. For example, if the shade or the tint does not adhere to these rules, you stand the chance receiving a fine or a penalty. Make sure you are aware of the regulations with regard to window tinting before buying or installing new tints.

Type of Films

Non-reflective and metallic window films have their own advantages. Your choice of film should take into account the purpose of installing the tint, as well as the benefits offered by the type of tint.

DIY or Professional Installation

You can apply the film on the glass yourself, if you are a DIYer by nature. Keep in mind though that having a professional apply the film also has its benefits, including more effective work and results.


Window tints are prone to bubbling, fading, peeling, delaminating, demetallising, and discolouration. Make sure to clean and maintain the tinted glass with proper care, to ensure that it lasts.

Perth has several car tint makers and you can buy your choice of coating from them. These films are great for privacy and for protection from the sun, making it nearly mandatory for all vehicle-goers.

A Primer on Roof Maintenance Methods

Roof RepairmanGood roofing systems that professionals have installed rarely need a replacement. They would, however, require regular inspection and maintenance.

Repairs are more common and less time-consuming than roof restorations. This is because the latter implies a more prolonged method and is a ‘makeover’, not a simple repair.

Bower Roofing has a few points to discuss about roof maintenance.

Regular Maintenance is Important

When you find that your roofing system has problems then you should get the experts to attend to it, even if there are no visible signs of any problem. Regular cleaning is necessary as this portion of your home is in constant exposure to the elements.

Clear dirt, lichen and moss periodically. Good maintenance will ensure no leaks and the system lasts longer.

Repair vs Restoration

You can repair specific, minor damages yourself, while for huge ones, either a repair or restoration is necessary, though this may take time. The duration of the repair work totally depends on the kind of your roofing and the extent of the repair.

A makeover on the other hand will take longer; depending on the type and size of the roof, this can take up to four or five days to complete. The procedure endeavours bringing back the original look and lustre of the roof, alongside its structural integrity, while replacing outdated fixtures and components. The options you have are pressure-washing the whole roofing area, relaying the tiles, installing of new gutters, capping, etc.

Replacement and Repainting

Apart from the ones mentioned above, restoration involves replacing the damaged and rusted parts, and resealing the tiles. This will make sure that there are no leaks for water or moisture to enter. Restorations also repaint the roof.

This kind of makeover will extend the life of your roofing system and help you avoid a complete roof replacement, which is even more expensive and time-consuming. In most cases, a roof replacement will make the house uninhabitable for a while.

Building a Walkway: Should You Go for a Brick Paver?

brick walkwayWhen it comes to choosing which paving material to use for your walkway, you have two options to consider – either a brick or a concrete one. So now, which one should you go for?

Pavers are those flat stones laid out on your walkways, patios or driveways. To make the right choice of paver material, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Cost Consideration

As with any type of purchase, make sure you get good value for your money without having to go beyond your budget. If you are on a tight budget, you may have to stay away from brick pavers, as they can be costlier than their concrete counterpart.

2. Need for Maintenance

Of course, you need to have your walkway cleaned every now and then. Between the two, a brick paver tends to require less regular care and maintenance since clay bricks do not stain easily. Unfortunately, this might not be a good choice for you if you would be placing it in an area where there is heavy traffic, as clay bricks can break easily.

3. Design Options

When it comes to design, concrete pavers are the better choice. While brick pavers appear more classy and timeless, concrete pavers offer more colors and shapes. In fact, most homeowners use concrete pavers to come up with stone-like designs.

4. Life Span

Although concrete pavers can withstand heavy traffic, they do not do well with the passage of time. This is because over time, they tend to chip, and their colors start to fade. The surface could also start to look worn out after a number of years.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Just make sure you know how to take care of your pavers, so it can last a long time.